Monday, September 20, 2010

Bridals: Anna's *Sneak Peek*

One of the advantages of doing bridal portraits after the wedding is that you don't have to worry about keeping your gorgeous white dress clean. Many photographers refer to this particular session as "Trash the Dress." To truly trash a wedding dress, however, it almost always involves some form of water and a lot of courage on the bride's part. After all, you spend a fortune on your dress and to just plunge into a pool while wearing it takes a cavalier attitude. So when Anna and I began discussing her bridal session, she was hesitant about mixing her gorgeous dress with water or anything that would ultimately render the dress useless thereafter. And who am I to argue with logic like that when I doubt I could summon the necessary lack of judgement to carelessly go swimming in my cumbersome, but expensive wedding gown??? So we decided on a mild 'Trash the Dress' which did not involve water. But it did involve standing on top of tables, lingering in a smelly alley, lounging on a sidewalk in a fresh sprinkling of leaves, hoisting oneself into an antique carriage and dancing in the middle of a busy street. Thanks for being such a great sport, Anna.
Here is your sneak peek:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Miss Bronco

Something new and blue (and orange too)!

Introducing my first (and therefore best) promotion ever:

Little Miss Bronco.

Partnering with my very good friend, Joey, of Libby Loo's Boutique, we have decided to take our passion for Boise State to a new level and to a fresh generation of clientel: the girls!

As the mom of a boy, I've never had a problem finding great "Bronco" stuff to outfit my future linebacker. If I had a girl, though, I'd be used to all the cute clothes and accessories and finding that kind of variety in Bronco gear would be near impossible. Until now.

The deal gets even sweeter...
Book early and receive this very chic and darling blue, knit beanie FREE:

At only $99, this limited time offer is a ridiculous steal!
Original Price $199.00

And, if you're not lucky enough to be a Boise State fan, Libby Loo will take special requests for your favorite college football team's colors.

Go Broncos!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Family Portraits *Sneak Peek*

What do you get when you mix a gorgeous family with a stunning location???