Saturday, October 13, 2012

Senior: Mackenzie *sneak peek*

It was the perfect autumn afternoon. Perfectly warm. Perfectly sunny. Perfect for a senior photo session.   Enter gorgeous Mackenzie, a high school senior; class of 2013. In the space of about 4 blocks in downtown Boise, we explored a water wheel, a  grungy alley, no less than 4 amazing, green doors, two parks, two staircases and even a bagel shop. It was so much fun! There is nothing like finding cool spots to photograph cool people...downtown.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Newborns: Meet Baby H

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to photograph Karl & Jennifer's latest addition to their family: baby H.   He is absolutely perfect. And he was  perfectly awake and hungry for most our session! 
Luckily, he would occasionally doze off and we were able to capture some gems. 
Like this one...

I have to give full credit for Karl. Of all the dads I've ever photographed, Karl may just be the most pooped on dad of all time. And he was a really good sport about it. I can tell that he adores his son.

Jennifer didn't get pooped on at all and there is no question that Baby H loves his momma.
Isn't this a beautiful moment?!

When Jennifer expressed an interest in a photograph of their two children, I was so excited. Sibling pictures are the best! However, baby H's big sister is only 17 months older than he is and it's admittedly difficult capturing a toddler and a newborn. BUT, I have to say, big sister did an AMAZING job. She was so well behaved and cooperative, not to mention adorable. I'm not surprised, though. She was one of the easiest newborns I've ever photographed. When I saw this image, I gasped. This is an image to print on a big canvas and hang over the living room couch!

Thank you Karl and Jennifer for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous family. 
Baby H and Miss A are incredible. But you already know that!